Youth Village Itinerary

Date of Visit

Group 1: Tuesday 11th September 2018 to Wednesday 12th September 2018

Group 2: Wednesday 12th September 2018 to Thursday 13th September 2018

Group 3:Thursday 13th September 2018 to Friday 14th September 2018


Itinerary of each visit


11.00am Arrival at YMT approximately 11.00am

11.15am Welcome and Induction

1.00pm Lunch provided

2.00pm YMT activities

6.00pm Dinner provided by YMT

7.30pm YMT activities

9.30pm Activities Finish and students return to their rooms

Following morning

8.00am Breakfast

9.00am YMT activities


10.00am Collected by coach and return to Gabriel House for approximately 11.00am