Acceptable Home-School Agreement

Mobile Phone Agreement and ICT/Internet Use

School Staff appreciate that many parents like students to carry mobile phones to ensure security on journeys to and from school or in case there is a change to family arrangements.  Mobile phones may be carried on the school premises providing the pupil:

  • Does not use his/her mobile phone on the main school site or in lessons
  • Does not use their mobile phone to contact parents, other students/individuals inappropriately during the school day
  • Does not use his/her mobile phone to capture still or video images, as well as sound clips, of any member of the school community
  • Does not use mobile technology to intimidate, bully, harass or threaten others, as this will be counted as an infringement of network use.  This may result in disconnection from the network or legal or civil disciplinary action.  Uploading images and sound is only permissible if the subject involved gives permission
  • Ipods/MP3 players should not be used in class unless directed by a member of staff for valid educational reasons during appropriate classes such as multi-media examination courses

Any violation of the above may result in the confiscation of the mobile phone, ipod or MP3 player and the pupil being dealt with in line with the Behaviour Management Policy.  The school cannot take responsibility for any mobile phone, ipod or MP3 player which is lost or stolen.

ICT Acceptable Network and Internet Use Agreement

Access to computers and the internet is provided for the purposes of educational research and learning.  Access to the internet is a privilege, not a right, and that access requires responsibility/  The purpose of this policy is to provide rules for appropriate use of these facilities.  The school reserves the right to examine or delete files that may be held on its computer system, and to monitor any internet sites visited.