Qualification: A-Level

Awarding Body:
Length of Course:
2 Year

All candidates follow a varied programme of composing, performing, listening and appraising music through three units each academic year:

Component 1:

Appraising Music

Component 2:


Component 3:


•       Students will develop listening skills and analysis and contextual understanding of music over the course of the year.


•       The Areas of Study covered are Music for Media and Romantic Piano music, in which students will study certain pieces of music in detail and will be asked listening questions based on excerpts of music.


•       They will also undertake extended writing questions based on these specific areas of study.

•     Students will develop a varied repertoire throughout the course with tuition from an instrumental/vocal tutor in the academy. They will then select a programme for a solo performance to last a minimum of 10 minutes.


·     This should be at Grade 7 or higher to access the highest marks.





Students will complete various composition exercises throughout the course, culminating in two final pieces of assessment:

1.   Composition to a brief

2.   Free composition


Both compositions should last a minimum of 4 and a half minutes.



Assessed by a written examination

40% of total A-level marks

2 and a half hours duration

Assessed by a performance examination

35% of total A-level marks


Assessed via coursework

25% of total A-level marks


An A-level in Music is looked upon very favourably by universities and employers as it shows you possess a skill, and have acquired this skill through discipline, motivation and effort. It will also show you have good social skills and confidence.  It is also a good choice to provide a contrast to a programme of facilitating subjects at A level, and to help keep your future career choices wide open.


Entry Requirements

A GCSE in Music of 6 or above or a BTEC Music at Level 2 Distinction or above is essential. Candidates should also have passed ABRSM Grade 5 (or its equivalent) in a musical instrument/voice. Consideration will be given to students who have not taken GCSE or BTEC level 2 Music, but who have passed ABRSM Grade 5 Theory.