Media Studies

Qualification: A-Level

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Length of Course:

Media Studies encourages students to develop their interest in the media through investigating the contemporary media landscape. It also allows students to develop their ability to engage with the four key media concepts and three media platforms: Broadcast, e-Media and Print.

The Year 12 course introduces students to an understanding of cross-media study and cross- cultural issues which enables them to use these in the creation of their own media productions. Year 13 encourages students to demonstrate, develop and formulate their understanding of the media and its influential role in today’s society as well as debating major contemporary media issues. Students will create their own media practical production pieces at A  level.

All units require candidates to look at cross-cultural issues where appropriate.





Paper 1

Section A will focus on Media Language and Media Representations. Questions in this section will test the following forms:

·         advertising and marketing

·         music video.


Section B will focus on Media Industries and Media Audiences. Questions in this section can test any two of the following forms:

·         radio

·         newspapers

·         film (industries only).


Assessment: Written exam 2 hrs.  35% of ‘A’ level



Paper 2

Questions will focus on the in-depth media forms of television, magazines and online, social and participatory media/video games.

The Close Study Products (CSPs) provided by AQA will be referred to, together with other products studied. Understanding of the contexts in which media products were created will be considered.


Assessment: Written exam 2 hrs. 35% of ‘A’ level



Paper 3 – NEA/Coursework – Creating a cross-media Production

Students produce:

·         a statement of intent

·         a cross-media production made for an intended audience.

Assessment: Internally assessed. Moderated by AQA.

30% of ‘A’ level.


Comparison with GCSE

The course builds on some of the skills learned for GCSE Media Studies but, as part of the course is devoted to specific learning about cross-media study, cross-cultural issues and critical investigation of the media, this course is significantly different to GCSE.

Relevance to Further Studies and Careers

Good analytical skills will be an asset to any career and will help students in any media- based career or any other related career such as advertising, marketing and public relations. This course will give students the understanding they need to study Media Studies, Media Production, Broadcast Media, Film Studies or Journalism at university level.





Entry Requirements

In order to cope with the demands of the course it is necessary to have at least Grade 6 in GCSE English Language. All candidates must have a proven interest in the media and be prepared to meet deadlines for coursework without fail as the coursework component is substantial