English Language

Qualification: A-Level

Awarding Body:
Length of Course:
2 Years

English Language encourages students to develop their interest in English through learning about its structure and functions. It also allows students to develop their ability to express themselves with increasing competence and sophistication.

The Year 12 course introduces students to an understanding of the ideas basic to the study of language, enabling them to apply these to an investigation of their own and others’ use of speech and writing, for different purposes and audiences. The Year 13 course teaches this knowledge and these skills at a deeper level with the opportunity to investigate a chosen area of language, within the requirements of the syllabus, and to study Language Change and Children’s Language acquisition.


Year 13
A Level units
Unit 1 – Language, the Individual and Society Unit 2 – Language Diversity and Change Unit 3 Non-exam Assessment – Language in action

Textual variations and representations

Children’s language development (0-11 years)

Methods of language analysis are integrated into the activities



Language diversity and change

Language discourses

Writing skills

Methods of language analysis are integrated into the activities



Language Investigation






Assessment Assessment  Assessment
Assessed by one exam of 2hrs 30mins, 40% of ‘A’ level Assessed by one exam of 2hrs 30mins, 40% of ‘A’ level Original Writing, 3,500 words in total, 20% of ‘A’ level


Comparison with GCSE

The course builds on some of the skills learned for GCSE English, but part of the course is devoted to factual learning about language, and is therefore significantly different from GCSE.

Relevance to Further Studies and Careers

Good writing and language skills will be an asset in any career and will help students in studying for a degree in any subject such as English Literature, History etc. where command of language can make the difference between effective written answers and weak ones.

It would also be helpful to anyone wishing to study a modern foreign language, where knowledge of structures of language and the terminology to describe them would be valuable.






Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in English Language at GCSE

Further Information

In order to cope with the demands of the course it is necessary to have Grade 6 in English Language at GCSE and to be prepared to meet deadlines for coursework without fail. The coursework component in Year 13 is substantial so students must be prepared to devote time and personal study to the completion of coursework