Sixth Form Finance

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Sixth Form Funding Statement

The academy has delivers small group tuition to students wishing to improve their GCSE grade in either English or Mathematics or both.  Two hours of small group tuition per week per subject is delivered each academic year.  This is equivalent to 0.2 of a teacher’s salary plus on-costs (which equates to just in excess of the allocated grant of £4,000).

The academy has also invested additional support for these and other post-16 groups by the purchase of 13 visualisers for Mathematics staff who find that their subject delivery has been supported and improved by this equipment during the covid-19 pandemic and students and staff taking part in a blended learning experience.

The academy has also invested in the last five tears in Frog Learning Platform which has enabled, during covid, staff and students to further develop the use of the platform for the delivery of classes, the sharing of assessments and assessed work etc.

The majority of students have improved their grades despite the challenges of the last year.

Autumn examination series 2020:

English – 7 candidates

5 increased their grade

2 maintained their grade

Mathematics – 17 candidates

8 increased their grade

7 maintained their grade

2 did not maintain their grade