Information for Sixth Form Re-opening September 2020

Full re-opening of St. Anthony’s & St. Aidan’s Sixth Form – September 2020

Safety information for all Sixth Form Students

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Information for students and parents summary – September 2020 Sixth Form


Safety measures to reduce the risk of disease transmission and based upon government advice.


Travel to and from school

  • Where possible, we are asking pupils/students to walk or cycle to school.
  • If travelling by car, please allow your son/daughter to walk the last part of her journey to avoid unsafe over-crowding on Thornhill Terrace.
  • Unfortunately, during this period we will be unable to welcome any parents into school. If you have any queries, please e-mail, “”.

Drop off and Pick up

  • Pupils/students from different year groups will arrive at school / leave school at a particular time. A table is attached.
  • Pupils/students from different year groups will arrive/leave by different gates.
  • Physical/social distancing is required whilst arriving at school and upon entry.
  • Staff will be at the various gates to receive pupils/students and direct them.
  • Parents who come to collect students please observe physical/social distancing.
  • Late arrivals must enter by the pedestrian gate adjacent to “The Cottage” (the single storey building at the entrance to the school site on Thornhill Terrace).
  • Please do not congregate at any of the academy entrances/exits or on Thornhill Terrace for your own safety and that of others.

Uniform and Equipment

  • Please bring drinking water for the journey to and from school and during class. Our usual water fountains across the site are not in operation during this period upon advice from Public Health.
  • Drinks will be provided at lunch service.  Break service is not possible during this time, given the length of lunch service required from September.
  • Pupils/students must bring their own equipment (pens/pencils etc.), a notebook for their personal use and water.
  • Full school uniform is to be worn each day. There is no requirement for uniforms to be cleaned any more than usual. On the day your daughter has PE she should wear her PE kit to school and bring spare shoes i.e. her school shoes/another pair of trainers (to avoid mud from the field being carried into school after PE).
  • Some staff may choose to wear face masks/coverings.
  • Please ensure that all long hair is tied up as usual, plaits or “buns” are particularly suitable to reduce risk of viral transmission. We request that pupils/students do not wear face masks or coverings whilst in school.  Masks worn for the journey to school on public transport must be removed.


  • School will be divided into a number of year based “Bubble Groups”
  • Pupils/students will work in their bubble class.
  • The bubble structure will help to reduce the number of people pupils/students and staff have contact with each day.
  • Each classroom Bubble Group will have their own entrance and exit (external classroom doors) and handwashing facility.
  • Pupils/students will be taught by their subject teachers.

Social/physical distancing – within the classroom

  • Pupils/students must remain at a 2 metre distance from staff within all areas of school.
  • Pupils/students will be allocated their own table and chair within their classroom.
  • All tables will face forward and pupils/students will sit side by side usually at tables of two.
  • They will not share their own frequently used equipment or resources with other pupils/staff.
  • Pupils/students will only move from their table when asked by staff.
  • “Lining -up” routines, will continue to be carefully managed to allow for good hygiene practices to be maintained.
  • Pupils/students will remain in their allocated classroom for the day, only leaving for breaks and physical activity.
  • Whole year activities, such as assemblies and presentations, will not take place.

Hygiene and cleanliness

  • Pupils/students will wash their hands on entry to their bubble and will be reminded to wash their hands frequently during the day.
  • Tissues will be available in each classroom.
  • Classrooms, toilets and doors will be cleaned regularly, throughout the day.
  • Classroom doors and windows will be kept open to aid ventilation.
  • Signage around school and in toilet facilities will convey hygiene messages.

Lunch time

  • Lunch will be served in each year group ‘Bubble’.
  • Healthy “grab and go” options will be served.  All pupils/students will be directed to collect lunch table by table and eat lunch at their table.
  • Dietary requirements will be met, as usual.
  • The lunch choice will be reduced, due to the kitchen operating multiple lunch services from 11am – 2pm daily.
  • A contactless card system will be used to purchase lunch.
  • Payments can be made as usual via Parent Pay.

 Outdoor areas

  • We are keen that pupils/students have regular time outdoors, with their “Bubble Group.” This is good for their physical and mental wellbeing at this time.
  • There will be timetabled outdoor time at break, lunch and during PE lessons.
  • When outdoors, pupils/students will mix with pupils/students from their own year group maintaining physical/social distancing.
  • Pupils/students will be reminded of the importance of social distancing whilst outdoors too.

Use of toilets

  • Each year group will use assigned toilets.
  • Pupils/students will wash hands before and after using the toilet.
  • Pupils/students will use distancing when waiting to use the toilet.


  • All pupils/students are now expected to attend full-time.
  • Students who are shielding or who live with someone who is shielding, are now able to return to school.
  • Some pupils/students who remain under the care of a health care professional may need to discuss their care with their health professional before returning to school in September.
  • If, on the advice of those professionals, a student remains unable to attend school they will have access to remote education.
  • Usual attendance policies and procedures will be resumed.

First Aid

  • Each bubble will have a first aider they can call upon.
  • If pupils/students feel unwell, they must let their teacher know.
  • The teacher will follow the appropriate protocol to isolate the pupil/student in order to reduce risk to others.
  • A medical room will be designated and equipped for the event of a member of the school community falling ill.
  • Pupils/students falling ill during the school day will need to be collected by a parent immediately.


Covid19 Symptoms

Students must not attend school if they, or anyone in their household, have any symptoms or have tested positive in the last 7 days.

If pupils/students have any of the following symptoms they must stay at home and you should contact school to let us know:

  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fever or chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • If your son/daughter is displaying Covid symptoms, please keep them at home for seven days, whilst the rest of the household self-isolates for 14 days.
  • It is parents’ responsibility to seek a test within 3-5 days of symptoms appearing.
  • If a positive case(s) are confirmed, then the “bubble” including adults, may need to self-isolate for 14 days upon Public Health advice.
  • If a test proves negative, school will need proof of this result before the pupil/student returns to school.
  • If there appears to be an outbreak of the virus within school, then the Bubble, or potentially the Academy, will likely close upon advice from Public Health and deep cleaning will follow.
  • Please do not send any child to school who is at all unwell.


All staff and families will be expected to engage with the NHS Test and Trace process 


  • If a student is unable to return to school upon medical advice, they have access to remote home-school learning.
  • Remote learning will be used for homework.
  • Home-learning will be mirrored by the work completed at school.
  • Work will focus on consolidating, reinforcing and reviewing key knowledge and skills, in order to ensure that this learning is not lost.
  • Work will also continue to prioritise student emotional wellbeing.
  • We are always happy to be given constructive feedback regarding home-learning, from parents and carers.
  • As teachers will be teaching in class all day, responses to home learning queries may not be frequent. Please be patient as they will respond.



If you have any safeguarding concerns please contact: Mrs. Lanaghan (Deputy Headteacher) or Mrs. Collins (Senior Assistant Headteacher), on 0191 5658904.


There is also an appendix, for COVID-19, to our Safeguarding Policy, which is available to read on our main school website .


NHS Test and Trace

Staff and sixth form students and their parents/carers will need to be ready and willing to:

  • book a test if they are displaying symptoms. Staff and students must not come into the school if they have symptoms, and must be sent home to self-isolate if they develop them in school. All students can be tested, including children under 5, but children aged 11 and under will need to be helped by their parents/carers if using a home testing kit
  • provide details of anyone they have been in close contact with if they were to test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) or if asked by NHS Test & Trace
  • self-isolate if they have been in close contact with someone who develops coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or someone who tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)

Anyone who displays symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) can, and should, get a test. Tests can be booked online through the NHS testing and tracing for coronavirus website, or ordered by telephone via NHS 119 for those without access to the internet. Essential workers, which includes anyone involved in education or childcare, have priority access to testing.

The government will ensure that it is as easy as possible to get a test through a wide range of routes that are locally accessible, fast and convenient. By the autumn term, the Academy will have a small number of home testing kits to give directly to parents/carers collecting a student who has developed symptoms at school, or staff who have developed symptoms at school, where they think providing one will significantly increase the likelihood of them getting tested. Advice will be provided alongside these kits.

Students, their parents and staff to inform the Academy immediately of the results of a test:

  • if someone tests negative, if they feel well and no longer have symptoms similar to coronavirus (COVID-19), they can stop self-isolating. They could still have another virus, such as a cold or flu – in which case it is still best to avoid contact with other people until they are better. Other members of their household can stop self-isolating.
  • if someone tests positive, they should follow the ‘stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection’ and must continue to self-isolate for at least 7 days from the onset of their symptoms and then return to school only if they do not have symptoms other than cough or loss of sense of smell/taste. This is because a cough or anosmia can last for several weeks once the infection has gone. The 7-day period starts from the day when they first became ill. If they still have a high temperature, they should keep self-isolating until their temperature returns to normal. Other members of their household should continue self-isolating for the full 14 days.


Staggered start of term arrangements September 2020 – IMPORTANT


Given the very large numbers attending school the start of term in September has been staggered to enable each year group’s “first day back” safely managed and enable each year group to become familiar with the routines from September 2020.


  • Monday August 31st – Bank Holiday
  • Tuesday 1st September – Staff Training Day
  • Wednesday 2nd September – Y7 and Y12. new starters to the main school and to St. Anthony’s and St. Aidan’s Catholic Sixth Form
  • Thursday 3rd September – Y7 and Y12 plus Y11 and Y13e. new starters plus examination year groups.
  • Friday 4th September –Y7 and Y12 (new starters) plus Y10, Y11 and Y13 (examination year groups) and Y8 and Y9 e. all year groups


Entrance and exit times and entry/exit points – from September 2020  –  IMPORTANT


Year Group          Arrival Time           Gate          
7 8.30 Westburn
8 8.40 Westburn
9 8.50 Westburn
10 8.40 PE Gate
11 8.30 PE Gate
12 9.00 Various post-16 buildings
13 9.00 Various post-16 buildings


 Post-16 students (Y12 and Y13) will enter the various post-16 buildings (Gabriel House /Somerleyton House/The Briery) via the usual gates at the entrance to these buildings.


Students will start to be dismissed from 3.30pm in a stagger format.  All students will be dismissed by 3.45pm


Thank you for reading this important information.

Any queries please to “For the attention of the Year Leader of Year X”.