Sixth Form Contract

Sixth Form Contract 2018-2019

I agree to fulfil the following requirements for the duration of my time in the Sixth Form:

  • I will ensure a high level of attendance (95%) plus and punctuality at all lessons, tutorial time and assemblies. If possible, I will inform my tutor and appropriate members of staff in advance of any planned absence, otherwise I will ring in on the first day. I understand that it is essential that a note from my parents/guardians, explaining all absences, must be brought in immediately on my return to Sixth Form.
  • I will wear only the official Sixth Form uniform and, I will not wear nose studs or other unorthodox forms of jewellery.
  • I realise that the Sixth Form has a positive work ethic and that I must arrive at each lesson fully prepared with the correct equipment and with all work up to date. I will complete work to a high standard and to specified deadlines. If I have to miss a lesson, I will see my tutor and the relevant members of staff in advance.
  • I understand that study periods are built into the timetable to enable me to focus in on the demands of the courses that I have chosen to study: coursework, presentations or preparation for examinations. Therefore, in these periods I am to be actively studying in a designated work area and observe a positive work ethos.
  • I understand that I may leave the site once a day, at lunchtime. For all other times, I must get permission from my tutor and sign out when I leave and in on my return.
  • I will abide by the Sixth Form behaviour rules on serving as a role model for students in the Academy.
  • I will respect the fabric of the Sixth Form areas in Gabriel  and Somerleyton Centre. I will do my part to ensure that all areas remain litter free.
  • I understand that I may use a mobile ’phone in the common room but not in main school and never in lessons.
  • I understand that students should be respectful and polite to members of staff and to each other. Bullying is not tolerated, and the inappropriate use of Social Media will be severely dealt with.
  • I agree to avoid holidays in school time and not to do more than 8 hours paid work per week.
  • I understand the Sixth Form sanctions; withdrawal of any financial support; not being entered for examinations; if I have not completed the course or coursework; placed ‘on report’; a first formal warning in the presence of my tutor; a second formal warning in the presence of my parents; after that I may be asked to leave the Sixth Form.