Qualification: A-Level

Awarding Body:
Length of Course:
2 Year

All candidates follow a varied programme of composing, performing, listening and appraising music through three units each academic year:



Component 1: Appraising Music

•    Candidates will develop listening skills, and analysis and contextual understanding of music over the course of the year.

•    In addition to AS, the Areas of Study covered are Music for Media and Romantic Piano music, in which students will be asked listening questions based on excerpts of music.

•    They will also undertake extended writing questions based on these specific areas of study.




Component 2: Performance

Once again, candidates will continue to

develop a varied repertoire throughout the course with tuition from an instrumental/vocal tutor in the academy. They will then select a programme for a solo performance to last a minimum of 10 minutes.

This should be at Grade 7 or higher to access the highest marks.






Component 3: Composition

Identical to AS, candidates will complete various composition exercises throughout the course, culminating in two final pieces of controlled assessment:

1.   Composition to a brief

2.   Free composition


Both compositions should last a minimum of 4 and a half minutes.




Assessed by a written examination

40% of total A-level marks

2 and a half hours duration

Assessed by a performance examination

35% of total A-level marks


Assessed via coursework

25% of total A-level marks



An A-level in Music is looked upon very favourably by universities and employers as it shows you possess a skill, and have acquired this skill through discipline, motivation and effort. It will also show you have good social skills and confidence.  It is also a good choice to provide a contrast to a programme of facilitating subjects at A level, and to help keep your future career choices wide open.

Entry Requirements

A GCSE in Music of 6 or above or a BTEC Music at Level 2 Distinction or above is essential. Candidates should also have passed ABRSM Grade 5 (or its equivalent) in a musical instrument/voice. Consideration will be given to students who have not taken GCSE or BTEC level 2 Music, but who have passed ABRSM Grade 5 Theory.