About Us

St. Aidan’s and St. Anthony’s Catholic Sixth Form

St. Anthony’s and St. Aidan’s have, over many decades, worked together to deliver a wide ranging post-16 curriculum to the young people of both schools and beyond. From September 2018, we will provide a joint offer to all the young people within both schools and those who join us from other schools annually.


We very much welcome applications from young people joining us from other schools and academies for their post-16 education.  There is a long history of applications at 16 from across the city and beyond, and the students who join us have been both happy and successful in their studies.


Our Sixth Form is hosted in three buildings closely linked to the history of both schools : The Briery (St. Aidan’s) and Gabriel House and Somerleyton House (St. Anthony’s). These provide distinct post-16 facilities for students.  Post-16 students will make use of the brand new facilities at St. Anthony’s including touch screen technology within classrooms and twelve new laboratories.  We also have new Music, Art, Design, Technology and PE facilities, as well as a beautiful new hall with an adjacent drama suite and chapel.



St. Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy – serving Sunderland since 1904

Canon Kearney (Parish priest of St. Mary’s Sunderland) asked the Sisters of Mercy, who were newly arrived in Sunderland, to found an all age elementary school adjacent to St. Mary’s during the 1840’s.  From this first school, St. Bede’s, developed St. Anthony’s. A grant was received from the government following the 1902 Education Act to open a secondary school with sixth form and in 1904 St. Anthony’s was opened.


During the 1970’s St. Anthony’s Grammar School became a Direct Grant Comprehensive and later a Voluntary Aided Comprehensive School.

In 2012 the school became an Academy and in 2014 St. Anthony’s became the lead school in Beacon Teaching Alliance which works with over forty schools annually across the North East.


St. Aidan’s Catholic Academy – serving Sunderland since 1928

Canon Smith (Parish Priest of St Mary’s Sunderland) founded St Mary’s Grammar School at Bede Towers in 1928 -1929.   The Jesuits led the school from 1935 – 1948. The school transferred from Bede Towers to The Briery in 1936.

In 1937, the name of the school was changed yet again, to Sunderland Catholic College, and in 1939 to Corby School. The dedication of both Corby School and Corby Hall recalled the historical association of Sunderland with Father Ralph Corby who was martyred in 1644.


The school was renamed as St Aidan’s RC Grammar School in 1948 and remained so until 1973 when the school became a comprehensive school. In April 2013, St Aidan’s Catholic School became an academy and was renamed St Aidan’s Catholic Academy.



Both St. Anthony’s and St. Aidan’s work extensively with the schools of Monkwearmouth Catholic Partnership (formerly St. Bede’s Deanery Catholic Partnership), Diocesan partner secondary schools/academies and all the schools/academies within Sunderland through primary and secondary forums.