We pray for all those killed and injured at the shrine to St. Anthony in Sri Lanka and all the other churches and sites across the country.

Mourning crowd sings 'Ave Maria' outside Notre Dame cathedral amid devastating fire. https://t.co/9Ytieeecql

Pray for the people of Paris. Pray for the firefighters. Pray for our desire and determination to rebuild this great Cathedral in the same faith that inspired it over 1000 years ago. #NotreDame

A tea towel featuring some of Sunderland's best-loved landmarks has gone global with its own Instagram account

Some might call it a clean getaway.......

https://t.co/yPKensGNdI 3

A level PE: @kickitout was established as a campaign to achieve equality in sport. Explain the impact of this type of campaign on society. @AAASixthForm @St_Anthonys3 #alevels2019 https://t.co/FHUFVgXITC