The A level Classics students designed some votive offerings to give to the healing god Asclepius. Let's hope they have a cure for mock exam blues #fingerscrossed #goodluck

The @dumuseums team brought in some replicas including this fabulous Greek soldier outfit

The Classics department were excited to have Durham University's Museum Team in school last week. They brought in actual Roman artefacts to handle, bringing the ancient world to life. #Romans @dumuseums

We had a winner from our sixth form for last year's British Sociology Association competition. I'd encourage all students to enter. Opportunity to win an iPad.

Please see Mr Walker if you'd like to pursue this.

On this day in 1910, Eugene Burton Ely launches his Curtiss pusher bi-plane from the deck of the USS Birmingham in Hampton Roads, Virginia and becomes the first pilot in history to takeoff from a ship.

So pleased to see so many @AAASixthForm Y13 and Y13 students at Maths Support today!

#maths #mathssupport #mocks next week