We are delighted to let you know that due to the amount of performances recieved, our Summer Concert is now a Summer Concert Series! First one released on Thursday at 4pm. We're so excited!

For all current and prospective Politics students a great chance to get an interesting perspective on the great pioneers of the feminist movement in the 1970s and their unsuccessful campaign for the ERA. Can't wait to start Feminism! 9pm BBC 2 8.7.20

Join this free event on 14 July to learn about the incredible things that the inspirational scientists, healthcare professionals, engineers, technicians and students have been doing during lockdown! #BigBangDigital2020 https://t.co/JnOEMVu05O

Here’s your Level 3, Unit 3 work for today ⁦@St_Anthonys3⁩ ⁦@AAASixthForm⁩ ⁦@BTECStudents⁩; sources of information about careers in sport. #workingfromhome #remotelearning #TuesdayThoughts 3

Our #KS5readingchallenge is from The World Today. Coronavirus "has allowed the digital revolution to fast-forward, while eroding traditional ideas of liberty and privacy...destabilizing economies around the globe". How will the pandemic shape our future? Access the article via 🐸